Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Look for the Light

The light, the green, the blue #wherethelightis #seekthelight Sitting on a bench with my girls, feeling the breeze lift our hair, watching it move the water. Peace. IMG_1960 IMG_1966

I did not mean for there to be so much silence here for so long! I have taken a break from social media, but fully intended to keep up with my blog & blog reading. What do they say about the best of intentions?

There has been so much tragedy and heartbreak in our country, in our world the past few weeks. I can't take it. I needed to step back from the social media because of all the comments, opinions, judgements and the general bombardment the sheer weight of the news. I made the mistake of going on Facebook this morning. Oh my aching heart!

I do not live in a vacuum, I do read the news in order to be kept up to date a little bit and what I see and hear is so sad. I was starting to get a bit depressed, hence the stepping back. This morning though I realized that stepping back from reading it all and stepping back to fall into a little bit of a void are two different things. I long for a world of peace and beauty. My thoughts need to be "how can I bring even a little bit of that peace and beauty to the world" rather then thinking "I wish someone would bring peace and beauty to the world."

My first step will be to get back here regularly, if nothing else! I miss the interaction of all the inspiring women who stop by this space and whose spaces I stop by. So be looking for me to come knocking on your doors this week!

My second step is to finish fine tuning my Poetry in Everyday Beauty workshop in order to have it ready to run in early September. Look for more information on that at the end of the week. I have been hemming and hawing about finishing this all summer. Now is the time. I want to find & create beauty in my everyday and I want to find & create it along with all of you.


  1. xoxoxo
    I feel the same way about the news.
    and, we should try to get together again soon.

  2. The news can be such a downer. I usually have it on in the background when I get ready in the morning. I find I sort of ignore the bad news and try to focus on the good stories (although there are far more sad stories for sure). Great pictures!

  3. Missed you, and happy to see you back in your space. The news has been tough this last month or so. Trying my best to see the light in all the darkness, as you are. xo

  4. The news has been so overwhelming and I've been feeling stressed by that and my life events. I'm glad you are back, I enjoy your blog :)

  5. I cannot wait to hear more about your poetry workshop :)
    And I am with you... my heart has been so heavy. There's just too much, as always. But looking for the light, the beauty, helps so much. xoxo


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