Sunday, August 10, 2014


IMG_1859 IMG_1887

So far this weekend has been:

*harvesting radishes from the garden
*a slow Saturday morning
*a few errands just Momma & baby
*chasing said baby who can now crawl very fast
*baby proofing the house as she finds the things she can't have
*finishing up the big girl quilt top
*working on my craft swap goodies
*finishing my book
*helping clean out the garage; we finally got rid of the extra couch in there
*stepping outside to watch the almost full Super Moon rise
*watching this movie; we enjoyed it; time to read the book!

Today is more of the same
*maybe putting the back on the quilt
*family time
*visiting time

Joining Karen


  1. I love Alice McDermott! I highly recommend Child of My Heart. And Charming Billy. Anything you can get your hands on, really. :)

    I didn't really care of the Great Gatsby movie though. I thought it dragged ON.

    Our weekend: karate + Narragansett Tribe Pow-Wow yesterday, kids' Bold-r-dash at the Green Market Festival this morning. I'm ready for a nap now.

    (The baby! Is! Delightful!!!)

  2. Oh my that first photo is just beautiful! What a cutie. I bet it felt good to clean out the garage :)

    Enjoy the week ahead.

  3. I bet you she is keeping you busy! Once they start they never stop unless they are sleeping :) So glad you shared your weekend :)


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