Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yarn Along


My knitting mojo is coming back and I've missed it!

Over the weekend I finished the first sock of my Christmas knitting (appropriately Christmas themed socks) and the book Becoming Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre being my favorite book, I enjoyed this fictional look into the writing of it. 

On Monday I began the second sock and The Namesake which I am also loving. The author grew up in my hometown and went to my high school so I especially love anything she writes just because of that!

These socks may be a little small for the intended recipient. Does anyone have any recommendations on Christmas colored yarn? I may have to keep these for myself and make a new pair as a gift!


  1. Love the socks. And Jane Eyre, it has been quite a few years since I have read it, might be time for a reread :)

  2. I have to look at that book, I love Jane Eyre as well. I think you could find xmas yarn through etsy but not sure about the ease of washing (might be hand wash only).....keeping the socks for yourself....such a burden ;)

  3. a girl can never have too many hand knitted socks. I'm a Jane Eyre gal too.

  4. I love the socks!!! Check out Joannes or AC Moore for some "cheaper" yarn. If not, try Etsy like Karen said. I have not seen any advertised yet but once I do I'll tweet the info over to ya ;-)

  5. I actually was just looking at Jane Eyre in my bookshelf last night and realized I've never read it! Maybe I"ll pick it up soon... (I picked up Mrs. Dalloway instead, another one I've never read, and I dare say it did not keep my attention....) Love the stripes!!

  6. Love the stripe in the socks, perfect for a Christmas gift. I am a great fan of Jane Eyre too.

  7. I have that yarn! I need to remember to knit that up soon for a pair of Christmas socks.
    Red Heart's Heart and Sole comes in a Christmas colorway.
    There are also all the etsy sellers. They may be harder to find right now. However, if you have dyers/brands you like, you might find that some people on Ravelry have some listed in their FSOT/Destash pages.
    I'm popping over from Ginny's Yarn Along.


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