Thursday, May 21, 2015

Get outside

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The siren call of new bubbles called her. All through lunch she repeated, as if she was afraid that I would forget, "We can go outside for a few minutes before rest time, right? Remember you said we can blow bubbles for just a few minutes?"

These weren't just any bubbles though....they were PINK bubbles. And to my pink loving, bubble loving girl these were the most magnificent things in the world. She was disappointed at first that they didn't look too pink, until they landed on the grass and she could get up close and personal with them. "Momma!! They are REALLY pink. This is the best day ever!"

(They most decidedly are pink too, as the pink streak of bubble solution in her hair proved).

As usually happens she got tired quickly of blowing and asked me to take over so that she could chase them down to pop them. 

As I stood in the middle of the lawn blowing bubbles I was transported back to childhood. THIS is what it is all about. Bare feet in the grass, uncontrollable giggles from little girls who have the best of times running from one end of the yard to the other chasing and popping bubbles. 

My heart about overflowed as I stood there and blew & blew bubbles until I couldn't anymore. This is  the childhood I want for my girls. One of slow summer days, blowing bubbles, time outside to do what they wish, sidewalk chalk, swings, barefoot and giggles and playing tag. Less time inside, less time in front of screens. More time in imagination and the world of little girls. 

These lessons are for me too. Slow down and enjoy the summer days. I can enter childhood again right alongside of them. There is nothing to say that just because I am a "grown-up" I can't enjoy blowing bubbles and running barefoot through the grass. 

(And then taking advil for that one time that I tripped on a rock and fell. All to the sound of my little girls giggling as they both ran over to pig pile on top of me).


  1. I am so happy you enjoyed your time outside with your girls, and that bubbles were able to transport you back to your childhood. I love it when that happens.

    I often take Reece to the path and creek I used to play in as a child, and I think it is for the exact reason, I feel like a kid again, running and playing in the woods, throwing stones in the creek, and trying to walk across the creek on the rocks. So much fun!

    I wish you more of the same slow, simple summer days with your girls. Enjoy!

  2. Your babies are getting so big Jen and they are just adorable.
    I love that you are slowing down and getting outside. Enjoy all these memory making events with your girls, the time goes by way too fast.
    Can I add an item to your list? Running thru a sprinkler, I did it as a child, then did it with my babies [they still bring it up]. It's fun.

  3. sounds like a lovely way to slow down and enjoy being outside! x

  4. I am amazed at how much they are growing up! I remember bubbles with my kids and being sticky :) them and me. However they did have loads of fun!


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