Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Today Radical Self-Care Looks Like....


**slow morning
** no early morning writing
** deciding to cancel today's plans 
** (trying to) practice patience
** lots of cuddles
** watching a movie
** letting go of expectations
** doing the bare minimum around the house
** allowing myself to simply be

Allergies have hit all three of us girls hard today. It's not horrible and if we wanted to we could push through. But we all are sleepy and a tad bit cranky. So I decided to cancel our plans for today and allow Marie-Therese to watch a movie and relax on the couch. I decided to allow myself to not worry about laundry or errands. The baby is doing her usual....making a mess of everything she comes in contact with. A little tornado she is these days, leaving destruction in her path!

But for today I am trying to just let it all go. Allergies are not the end of the world, thankful that's *all* we have, I am taking a little bit extra care of us. Thankful for the opportunity to be able to do that. To baby us all a little more than usual. 

There is a bit of guilt, the thoughts of "We could have done our usual stuff. I should be cleaning. I should be doing some project. I should......" so the radical self-care needs to also be "Allowing myself to simply be in the moment of not feeling 100% and going with what my body says it needs.

How are you practicing radical self-care today? 


Cultivating Creativity begins this coming Monday! For a chance to win a spot in the course share in the comments how you are practicing radical self-care today. I will pick a winner on Friday!


  1. Sounds like the perfect plan to me. Hope you are enjoying your day? Radical self care today for me looked like a morning in the woods, and then tea with a friend while our kiddos played this afternoon. Feeling good :)

  2. letting go (yes the song and the mantra) has been on my mind these days with the wedding coming ever so close to reality. Love that photo of you! hopefully you will find the balance of what to do and what not to do as each day comes and goes.


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