Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Morning, noon and night...three little peeks into my day yesterday. Linking up with Kim at Mothering with Mindfulness

Easter Monday. I love that Easter is a season! A slow morning of a dozing baby, still sleeping Marie-Therese, second cup of coffee, and diving into "The Goldfinch" #hellomorningcoffee 
Morning:: 8:30

"The world is so beautiful today mommy. I just can't stop looking at it!" 
Noon:: 1pm

Tulips in the sunshine #followthelight
Night:: 5:45pm (full disclosure....this was taken Saturday evening. But I love it so wanted to share. Plus I forgot to take a picture last night!)


  1. Beautiful peeks into your day. I love the sleeping baby in the background of the first pic :) Looks like it was a lovely day yesterday. I love tulips.

    Thanks for playing along. Have a great day!

  2. Visiting from Kim's! I totally get why you had to sneak in that Saturday evening shot, your tulips are breathtaking! Oh, sleeping babies, tea and reading, sunny days... looks just heavenly!

    Wishing you a week full of these wonderful moments!

  3. I wish my babe still slept like that (though to be fair he's napping right now), then I could have a cup of tea like you that's still warm. I love the noon picture. She looks like she is trying to figure out how to get those eggs out of that tree, and your tulips are just lovely. No matter what day they were taken on. Be well.

  4. Beautiful last photo ever! I'm glad you picked that one, the light is gorgeous and so are the shadows :)


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