Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Morning, noon and night...three little peeks into my day yesterday. Linking up with Kim at Mothering with Mindfulness

Enjoying the beautiful sunlight with my coffee #hellomorningcoffee 
Morning:: 7AM

It's so beautiful out that we moved our work outside! 
Noon:: 1PM

In the blink of an eye another day is done. Today was a full day. Cleaning, lots of outside time, much writing, cooking, soothing a teething baby. The days seem to be picking up speed as the season changes! #writealm
Night:: 7PM


  1. Beautiful peeks into your day. I love the middle one...working side by side, and outside, just lovely.

    Thanks for playing along.

  2. you have such pretty views from your windows! Loved the outdoor crafting session when you had nice weather--wish the nice weather would return!


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