Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yarn Along

A finished sock; Holy Week reading & National Poetry Month Reading #yarnalong

I finished a sock this past weekend!!! It is so bright and cheery. I love it! I have only partially cast on the second sock though.

As for reading I'm reading the Passion in the Gospel of John for Holy Week. I also started reading The Poetry Home Repair Manual last night & it is really good so far. My grand plans to do a big poetry study for April has pretty much gone by the wayside. Getting a cold at the beginning of the month meant I didn't do much of anything, much less anything with poetry.

So for now I have been reading a little bit here and there. I actually have journaled a few poems following along with the Write ALM prompts. I was feeling bad about not following through with the plans I had until I realized poetry doesn't have to just be in April! 

Hopefully next week I will be able to share more progress on that second sock!


  1. oh feel better soon and you know, it's fun to write goals and just let there be no end date :) Love the sock and the long color repeat! I've been dreaming of buying a skein but for now I'm knitting from my stash :)

  2. Stunning sock, the colours are beautiful.

  3. The sock looks so Spring-like. Hope you are feeling better. We are all battling either the stomach bug or a cold over at our house. Ugh...
    Have a blessed Holy Week.

  4. Colds are the worse I think, they just make one feel crumby.
    You did knit a very pretty sock though so that's nice.

  5. A passenger on the airplane last week showed me how to do the magic loop. I may attempt socks now! Hope you feel better.

  6. That's a great sock! Speaking of poetry books, do you know of Susan Wooldridge's book Poem Crazy? It's one of my favorites for teaching models and inspiration.

  7. I'm really enjoying the Poetry Home Repair Manual too! By the way, I own Triggering Town, which he mentions towards the front, if you want to borrow it. (Confession: I haven't read it all. I stalled partway through.)


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