Wednesday, April 23, 2014

These days

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The days have been flying by in a blur! 

Holy Week was spent with Momma recovering from her cold and Ree in the throes of hers. We didn't do nearly our usual Holy Week activities. But there is always next year!

Easter weekend was beautiful. I kept it simple this year for the most part. Simple is nice. And no anxiety. We had Easter dinner here and it was a wonderful day with our family.

Easter Monday dawned beautiful. The girls and I spent the majority of the day outside soaking up the fresh air and sunshine.

It's been quiet on this little blog lately. Not for lack of things to post, but rather for lack of time it seems! Baby is teething hence not sleeping. That makes momma a little punch drunk at times. But the early morning wake up calls have been great for my creativity. 

Do you remember that poetry project I mentioned a few months ago? I am in the process of writing it up as a little bit of an e-course type thing. I have no idea if there will be interest in it but the idea of it has only gotten stronger instead of less, so I am rolling with it. And the writing is pouring onto the paper. So we'll see where that will lead! And that is where a lot of my "free" time has gone. More like a stolen moment here and there!

Things are going well here in our little world. The spring time is a beautiful time. Or as Ree keeps saying every time we step outside, or every time she notices a flower or every time she sees the buds on the trees "the world is so MAGICAL right now! I can't stop breathing it in." I have no idea where she gets these sayings but I love them!

What has been happening in your world? And I promise to try and be more faithful at stopping by everyone's own blogs!


  1. the world is magical and a wonderful place, teething babies are not fun at all and it seems like spring is in full swing where you live!

  2. Glad everything is going well and busy for you - which is exactly as it should be with two little ones! Hope your cold is getting better and the girls stay healthy. I just love the eggs hanging from the tree!

  3. I think the ideas that won't let go are the *best* ideas, and I'm excited to see/hear about what you're doing!! We really need to get together now that we are both (knock wood) healthy...

    We zipped to Northampton Monday morning for a couple of nights, returning this afternoon. It was a nice little getaway--not overwhelming!


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