Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Autumn chalk Autumn Sky Autumn Roses
Autumn sun; knit socks; February lady sweater. A beautiful Fall day!

Ree & I celebrated the first full day of Autumn yesterday by spending a good amount of time outside.

There was side walk chalking; walking around the yard; surprise at finding roses in bloom; noticing the big blue sky.

Inside we got out the Fall decorations & lit the cinnamon spice candle. There are plans to collect leaves to do art with them. At the store she spied the small sugar pumpkins & declared that she "needed to have one please." So we picked that up with plans to paint it soon.

This morning was cold. I loved it! The first day of wearing hand knit socks & sweaters. The windows are open with a Fall breeze coming in making it just a little chilly in here. Plans for a pork roast for supper & brownies for dessert. 

These are beautiful days & we're soaking up all we can get of this gorgeous weather!

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  1. mmmm, cinnamon and spice, I bet your house smelled soo very good. Look at your baby bump! Getting closer to meeting the sweet baby :)


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