Monday, September 23, 2013


Harvest Moon

That's the Full Harvest Moon from Thursday night. EVERYWHERE we went this weekend I forgot my camera!

We had a birthday party Saturday morning; Saturday afternoon I did a few errands by myself; came home to knit & give my husband "moral support" while he re-sealed the bathtub. Made a "Fall" supper of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. 

Sunday morning was the usual with a trip to the fabric store thrown in. Ree & I are planning out a small quilt for Baby V for Christmas. And we needed fabric. Then it was home to watch the first half of the Patriots. At half time we jumped in the car to head to my parents for the second half & my sister's birthday party. A fun afternoon with the whole family together. 

Today Ree & I have plans to celebrate the first full day of Autumn. We have an art project planned, she wants to pull out all the decorations. And maybe we'll go for a walk around the neighborhood documenting how things are changing!

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  1. loved that harvest moon and was so lucky the clouds cleared just in time for me to see it.

    hope you're having a great day full of autumn doings and makings!

  2. I love that you gave your husband moral support, I do that A LOT here. ;)

    I wish I lived closer and you could teach me to sew a quilt, it's been on my to learn list for a long while. Take pictures!

  3. baby v-did you settle on a name?? I am never up long enough for a photo in the evening so I'll admire yours :)


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