Sunday, September 29, 2013


Early morning quiet

This was the start of the weekend. Saturday morning tea, knitting & sunshine.

It's been a weekend where Ree's allergies are acting up. She is so very stuffy. But that (and being miserable because she can't breath) seems to be her only symptoms which leads me to think it's not a cold. Here's hoping.

We still managed some fun. There was a lot of cooking & baking for a birthday celebration today. Homemade eggplant parmesan with the first eggplant from our garden. It was delicious!

Lots of snuggles due to a stuffy nose. Not too much sleeping. Beautiful weather today though! I really should be sleeping now while Ree is. I have a feeling we'll be up in the night! But football is on and I'm enjoying the first few quiet moments of the day!

How was your weekend?

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  1. poor poor ree! I hope she becomes unstuffed soon. Eggplant parm sounds very very yummy right about now!

  2. I feel for Ree. My allergies have been a real pain in the butt this year. Hope she feels better soon. And get some rest while you can!

  3. Busy! Up at 6:15 on Saturday so I could get G to the soccer field at 7:20 for pictures, then game at 8 (I help coach), home for a run while my husband took the boys to karate (& G with him, so I could run), watercolor class in the afternoon, then long bike ride for my husband while I cooked on Sunday morning, then finally a bit of sitting to watch football before cooking dinner again! And up too late to watch the Patriots.

    I hope Ree feels better. The pollen has been awful.

  4. It's a bit of a snuffly day around her too... feel better soon, Ree!!

  5. Hope Ree is better today ~ the weather here in NY is glorious so just hanging out at home has been truly lovely!

  6. My daughter called and said that Emerson was stuffy, but also has a cough so she's thinking it's a cold. Yuck!
    I hope Ree is better soon.
    Congratulations on the egg plant, I bet it tasted wonderful!

  7. that is a pretty spot to knit in with that morning light!

    hope the allergies leave miss ree in peace soon.


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