Friday, September 6, 2013

Late Summer Sunsets


After the car was fixed Tuesday night (yay!) Ree & I spent Wednesday running errands, spending time at my moms, & finally getting outside to enjoy the weather. 

This week we've also been knitting; working on her big girl quilt; planning out some stuff for her to "do school" and enjoying more of this gorgeous late summer weather. I woke up this morning cold! I love it!

I realized I never shared these pictures here. We have gotten into the habit of heading down to the the local Point on Friday evenings. There are picnic tables, a grassy area to run around in, a beach to look for shells or skip stones from, swings to swing on, people to watch fish, and in Ree's case dogs to make friends with! Because the sun is setting earlier each day we were able to catch a gorgeous sunset!


  1. What beautiful sunsets! Can't wait to see your knitting... what did you decide to do for school?

  2. Oh my Jen! You really caught some beautiful moments :) I'm glad you shared-I'm usually in bed when the sun is setting ;)


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