Tuesday, September 3, 2013


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The long weekend had it's up & downs.
Friday night was our weekly walk on the beach & stop at the playground
Coming home to no water due to a water main break
Baths & showers for everyone Saturday morning instead
Laundry, grocery shopping, Arts & Crafts festival
Coming home to crash for the rest of the afternoon
Fresh picked lettuce from the garden for the salad!
Sunday began early with a 2 hour long massive thunderstorm
Then another one that lasted for 2 hours at 8AM
 There was a stop at the mall after Church
Come home to grab the eggplant parmesan I made to bring to my sister-in-laws
A relaxing evening with family
Monday dawned with another crazy thunder storm
A slow morning of knitting & enjoying Daddy being home to relax
A new mattress purchase for Ree's big girl bed
A stop at the grocery for our impromptu cook-out that would become a cook-in
Flash floods making many roads impassable
Going the long way around the development due to the huge puddle in front of our neighbor's that was blocking the way to our house
Getting stuck in another puddle the other way
A car that wouldn't start 500 feet from the house
Thankful we were able to walk home
Family that came to us for the cook-in

This morning the car still won't start
There are more severe storms on the way
I'm tired of the weather
Tired of being tired

This afternoon calls for knitting & relaxing & not thinking!


  1. she is getting entirely too big!

    and cars that won't start :( fingers crossed it is a painless and inexpensive repair. dropped mine off at the shop this morning and i'm scared to hear about what it'll cost me.

  2. Yes, I am tired to of this weather, thunderstorms every night and my power going out is not fun.

    Yes, I have to second Amanda, Ree is really getting big and now a big girl bed. She is going to be a super big sister!

  3. my oh my, I'm sorry that you had a wet wet weekend. Thank goodness you were not carried away by the flooding. I saw on the news that some of RI got hammered. I remember each of mind getting a big boy/girl bed :)

  4. You guys got the worst rain on Sunday and Monday. We got ours yesterday. The roads were crazy! Hope you got the car started. Is Ree excited for her big girl bed?


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