Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pink Mittens

Pink Mittens! Modeling her new mittens

It's been so cold here & I've been thinking for awhile that Ree needed more mittens. She's in the habit of taking them off in the car but then forgetting them there. Then crying when I put them back on that they are too cold after spending the night in the car.

So this weekend I finally knit her the pink mittens she's been asking for. I wasn't able to have any "second mitten syndrome" as Saturday afternoon she kept dancing around me asking "did you finish my mittens yet? Are they done? Can I wear them?" I finished them just before bedtime & she wore them with her pajamas until it was time to go upstairs.

I know she must like them because she wanted me to take pictures of her wearing them. Lately she runs to hide when I bring out the camera!


  1. Ree looks so sweet in her pink mittens, I bet she wears them all day!

  2. They look fantastic! And in pink the perfect color!!!

  3. We all need a Ree in our lives to avoid second sock/mitten syndrome. Who could refuse such a beauty!?

  4. now these won't be left in the car!!!! did she sleep with them??? (she's definitely knit-worthy! how lucky you are!!!!!)


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