Monday, January 28, 2013

Some reading

My plans for the afternoon #knitting & #kindredmag

Untitled Saturday morning knitting

A few things I've been reading lately.

First off Amanda's new magazine Kindred. It's beautiful! This first issue's theme is Home. There are beautiful essays & pictures inside that talk about the places we all call home. I love reading the words that have been written that describe what home means to everyone. It's not the physical building but the feeling of where we are comfortable & who we are with. It has certainly made me view my own home differently.

I took out all my winter editions of Taste of Home the other day. I'm in a food rut and am tired of cooking the same meals over & over. I got lots of inspiration & my grocery list is very long now! I'm hoping to start making some new recipes soon.

For "light" reading I've just finished The Light Between Oceans. That's the bottom book there with Ree's mitten on it. A good read, but difficult at the same time. A couple who tend to the lighthouse in the middle of the Ocean have three miscarriages. One day a boat is washed ashore with a newborn. Rather then try to find her mother they take her as her own. Years later that decision comes back to haunt them and they have to face the consequences of their actions.

I've been reading quite a bit more lately since I went more unplugged from the computer. I now have a HUGE stack of books from the library waiting for me. Between knitting, reading, and cooking (plus all the regular Momma stuff) I've been very busy. It's a cozy time of year & aside from a few winter doldrums we're enjoying it!

Right now it's snowing outside & Ree is bouncing up and down wanting to go outside. Since they say it's going to turn to icy rain later tonight we'd better get out there before it's a mess!


  1. You have been reading a lot...I so love to read! The last book you described sounds very interesting. I'm going to look for it! Love the mittens you are making your daughter. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Your novel has been on my list for months and I'm really looking forward to getting a copy from my library. Thanks for introducing me to this new magazine ... I'll take a peak!

  3. I would love to read Kindred and also Taproot. I haven't had time to read the magazines I already get so Im letting some subscriptions end.


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