Monday, January 14, 2013

Spring in January

January 14
This morning started out gray & rainy. Again. Ree & I were resigned to staying in the house playing legos & buttons.

But by late morning it looked like this outside:

White clouds
We put sweaters on (because it was in the high 50's and WARM), put out boots on and headed outside for some much needed fresh air.

My little puddle jumper
Ree found all the puddles in the driveway and had a blast stomping through them all. She rode her tricycle, ran through the few small piles of snow left, she raced through the yard and we took down the outside Christmas lights.

Finally some sun 
We both soaked up as much sun as we could. Vitamin D is a wonderful thing! 
January 14

We finally came in for lunch with plans to head back outside when we were done eating. Instead we were met with this:

January 14
The gray skies had returned & brought with it a chilly breeze. 

This was the oddest January day I think I've ever experienced. It was wonderful to get outside for a few hours though. The fresh air did us both good! 


  1. That's how the weekend was here... only now we have snow! What a cutie she is!

  2. Isn't it strange? We had 60+ degrees here during the day and then crunchy rain/sleet on our porch last night.

  3. Oh the sun was out yesterday here and it was glorious!! We went for a walk and avoided all the puddles :)

  4. Glad the two of you got to have fun outside in the sun.
    Here, it's another rainy day.

  5. how lucky that you timed your outing perfectly! fresh air is such a cure-all for those dreary days!

    we've got another dreary one, too----and i've got a gazillion errands, so I'll at least get a gulp or two of freshness (even though it's pretty cold fresh!)


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