Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yummy & healthy breakfast!


We've had frigid temperatures for over a week now. Yesterday was a stay at home in sweats, under as many blankets as we could find. Momma coming down with a cold; daddy has a pinched nerve in his back; Ree is sad that I won't let her go out to play in the snow. But it's way too cold outside.

Instead we stayed in and cooked & baked. The top photo is of my breakfast. Hard boiled eggs on an english muffin with a mayo/mustard/vinegar dressing. Despite the way it looks it was very good!

Ree & I made pumpkin bread. I made calzones for supper. There was a lot of knitting going on. So much so that I finished a pair of mittens for her. A very happy little girl with her new pink mittens!

Today dawned cold but not quite as cold as it's been. We are promised a warm up this week. A temporary one but I'll take it. Ree WILL get outside. She needs to burn off lots & lots of energy. 

Thankfully we'll go visiting later this afternoon so she'll get out of the house for a little bit. I should clean a little bit around here but I don't think that'll happen. Maybe some more knitting. I've decided to knit myself & Ree a sweater for Easter. And to sew her Easter dress. I've got the yarn all picked out. Now it's onto focusing! 

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  1. We've had a cold weekend here too.
    I so crave a muffin with egg now...

  2. Do you have a recipe for the dressing you put on the eggs? That looks amazing!

  3. with all that baking going on i bet the house smelled fabulous!!! (hope the cold didn't develop into anything worse!!!!)

  4. I hope your husband's back gets better and I hope your cold goes away. It is too cold for a little one to be outside. Today it was warmer here. Mmm, sound like you cooked up some yummy stuff while hibernating!

  5. That egg looks delicious!
    Hope both of you feel better!

  6. Lots and lots of fluids for your cold, I have been fighting one too.
    I wish I had your weather, we are hovering around 70 which isn't any fun for this knitter and really this baker either. I haven't wanted to bake, but seeing your beautiful bread makes me want to reconsider.
    Hope Ree gets a chance to burn off all that energy wee ones seem to make by the second!

  7. kate had a really great weekend outside in the snow too! Hope Ree gets to burn off some energy soon... cabin fever is hard work!

  8. hopefully now that it's warmed up a smidge and ree has those new mittens she can play in the snow ;-)


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