Sunday, January 13, 2013


Knitting & cookies!

Our weekend began Friday evening with me wanting chocolate chip cookies.

Thankfully I had all the ingredients so after supper Ree & I got to baking. When you are 3 waiting for the cookies to bake is like waiting for YEARS.

Finally they were ready so we had a picnic. Cookies & knitting. A good way to begin the weekend.

Saturday dawned gray & foggy. We all stayed in our pajamas until I decided I had better go grocery shopping if we wanted to eat. Ree stayed home with her Daddy so they could watch a Tinkerbell movie. 

When the groceries were put away we had a tea party (and more cookies). A trip to the mall to play with a little friend for a bit. Pizza for supper & an early bedtime for a little one who hadn't had a nap.

Sunday again dawned gray & foggy. The sun is trying to peak through the mist but it's a losing battle.

A slow Sunday. Supper is made & ready to be brought visiting. Where we will watch the Patriots hopefully advance on!

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  1. You had cookies. We had cake. Have a great week.

  2. Chocolate chip cookies sound so good...and baking on a cold day will warm the kitchen...Ok, you have insprired me to go bake some cookies! Enjoy the week ahead!

  3. What a lovely weekend of picnicing and cookies and KNITTING!

  4. Looks like we won't be seeing the sun till later this week. Sob sob....
    Your cookies look so yummy! I'm having such a craving now!

  5. Cookies sound like a very sensible way to deal with grey and foggy!

  6. Your weekend sounds lovely...especially the cookies. Chocolate chips are my fave! Our weekend was spent watching football as well...but here we root for Niners:)

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