Friday, January 25, 2013


January 18

I didn't make any big resolutions at the New Year. Probably because I was fighting a cold & we were mourning the loss of a sweet baby boy. Also I tend to make good resolutions that I forget about by mid-January. 

But a few weeks ago different posts were popping up about going unplugged. From the internet; from the tv; from the iphone. I had started to notice a new "habit" of mine that I couldn't go a half hour without checking in on social networks sites on my iphone. No matter where I was or who I was with. Never mind that most times NOTHING had changed on those sites since the last time I had checked!

Then Heather at Beauty that Moves wrote about breaking up with your iphone. I nodded while reading.  I had been thinking about breaking up with my own iphone for awhile now. Two days later I went to the cell phone store where I found out I could "downgrade" to a regular talk/text only phone. I did it. And I haven't looked back since. 

I am still able to use my iphone as long as it's connected to wifi. At first I thought that would be bad. After all this means I could use it in all the places I hadn't wanted to! So I stuck it upstairs in my bureau and tried to forget about it. But then I noticed that my picture taking had dwindled down to nothing. (As you can tell my the lack of posts lately). I like my camera but it was always with my phone that I captured the pictures I loved the most. Plus with instagram I could instantly upload them to flickr rather then the extra step of loading them to the computer from the camera. I'm lazy.

I finally brought it back downstairs yesterday. I deleted all the apps on it except for instagram & flickr. Now it's just another camera. I'm happy with that.

Next up came my time on the computer. Ours is situated right in the kitchen. I am on it ALL. THE. TIME. It became another time stealer. Every time I passed through the kitchen I decided to check e-mail, facebook, twitter. Then got sucked into checking other things. Every time Ree came to find me my face was looking at the computer screen.

I started to feel guilty about that. After all, getting rid of the iphone meant more time really WITH Ree rather then looking at the phone screen while she played next to me. My sister then posted that she had written a blog post about being a more connected mom. I again nodded all through reading her words. I want to be more connected with Ree too. There both physically and mentally while she plays.

So I've started shutting the computer down when she gets up in the morning. I turn it on again at nap time. For awhile I was setting a timer & shutting it back off in order to not waste time doing nothing after catching up from the morning. I've stopped that & this past week have found myself aimlessly surfing the net. I need to re-focus.

I'm not saying technology is bad. I love the connections I've made & the people I've "met" through the on-line communities I've joined. I just need to step back for myself for awhile. So that I am a more present Momma & wife. 

Ever since drastically cutting back my screen time both Ree & I have seemed more happier. Less temper tantrums (from both of us). We've done more crafts; played with her fairies; read so many more books. I've even read more books myself & have knit more. Reducing my time on the computer has made the time I DO spend on-line more productive. 


  1. sounds like you struck a peaceful balance. The days that I am not on the computer and very good days. I try to take at least one to two days off in the week (a whole 24 hours). If you are happy then that is what is important!

  2. Great post. I have seriously considered this as well. My phone is an old talk and text model so no temptation there (I rarely get texts) but I noticed that I was spending quite a bit of time on facebook, which I have truly come to loath for a variety of reasons. My twenty-something daughter insprired me when she told me how she was cutting back on her facebook time and so I decided if she could, I could. I am down to a quick check two-three times a week and after the first day or two, I realized I hadn't missed a thing. Now, I notice that i am getting emails from facebook, tempting me back...I'm not buying in on that. I am taking two online classes right now so I have to be online every evening but cutting back on the screen time is a worthy goal. Thanks for the inspriration!

  3. So many new challenges a mom faces now with all the distractions right at her finger tips. I have never had a iphone, just a regular flip to talk or text phone which I still despise. I am not a phone person, but I have this because my children worry if I am out for safety reasons.

    As for the computer, even though my children are older, I was finding myself on it way too much. I moved where the computer sits and now really try to limit my time in front of a screen. There are so many other things I want to do and learn and that requires getting outside or into my studio. I guess we are all searching for balance and I hope we all find it.
    Have a great weekend with your beautiful family Jen.

  4. I held out with a "stupid" phone until late last summer. I still have an uncomfortable relationship with my phone, but being able to text is helpful, especially when my husband is away. I like getting a text when the plane lands safely. The Internet can become a crutch, like anything. My mother used to spend all afternoon watching soap operas. No computers/internet then, but she wasn't connected and doing stuff with us, either. She talked about the soap opera characters like they were real (which was not limited to her; lots of people did). At least I'm talking about people who really exist, even if I haven't met them. :)

    Personal balance is good. I get a lot more done when the computer isn't on, but often on days when I've decided it's not going on, we need it for something homeschool-related, and then it's just discipline on my part after that.

  5. I have decided I need to limit my computer time to early in the am and a little bit during nap time. Corrine is getting to that age where we can do more things together. I can't let go of my iphone though. With my travel schedule I need to be connected. Plus we video chat in the evenings before bed time and that I would miss too much.

  6. That's a good decision to make. I've also had days (weeks?) where I just got too distracted by the web. Then, if I still need the computer I at least shut off the browser for a while. I was amazed at how much I was able to get done in little time. You reminded me of doing this and will try it again this week.
    Thanks :)


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