Monday, August 19, 2013

Around the Yard::Flowers

IMG_1486 IMG_1482 IMG_0703 IMG_0713 IMG_0716

One of mine & Ree's favorite things to do is walk around the yard looking at all the flowers we have. It's hard work on my part to get her to NOT pick them all. I think we'll do some flower pressing this week!

We got a coneflower yesterday & I was taking some pictures of it. When I was finished I glanced down and screamed pretty loudly. My foot was touching the tail of the garter snake. I don't like snakes no matter how harmless this little guy is. Ree came running over to see what was wrong "It's just a snake Momma, no big deal."

We have no plans today so I'm thinking a morning outside with some sketch paper & pencils to see if we can draw the new cone flower!


  1. We have a bunch of those little guys in the yard and thankfully I have not come up to one. My daughter loves them. Sigh - another reason I am not a gardener. Ick...

    Your flowers look so pretty!

  2. we have many garter snakes and I'm used to them, now if it was one of those crunchy spiders-oh my I would shriek!! (p.s. your first photo is not showing from flickr on my computer screen).


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