Thursday, August 1, 2013

Make and Listen

There wasn't a yarn along post yesterday as I was STILL working on the baby socks (I finished both pairs last night) and the same granny squares.

My knitting had slowed down a bit because Ree and I have been doing art together. Her new favorite activity is to paint. She uses stickers, markers and pens to draw then wants to paint on it. So I've been joining her!

I thought this would be a good week to finally join Dawn for her weekly "Make & Listen Along".
Untitled Untitled

I got out the watercolor paint at the beginning of the week. She first traced squares on the paper then painted them in and around them. After the paper dried she made another creation on the back. I just can't find it to take a picture of it!

Index card art

I've been trying to think of other ways to include paint in our art. I visited Amy's {Art Together} Series to get some ideas. While reading her post about Summer Time Art Ideas I saw the link she mentioned about Index Card a Day Challenge. Now that ended yesterday & I re-found it the day before! (I blame the pregnancy sickness when Amy first posted about it. I'd have loved to have participated!)

Anyways, I had a stack of unopened index cards & thought those & paint would work! So Ree and I sat down and made up some. She wants to glue ripped up pieces of paper to her's. We haven't gotten that far as they needed to dry. I already have ideas for more for me to make using other mediums. While we won't participate in the official challenge we'll still have fun!

Dawn talked about making stamps today and Amy....(who I turn to whenever I need Art inspiration!!) has written about making stamps as well, so that's going through my brain. I remember making stamps a LONG time ago. Those would be fun on index cards too!

While we do our art we either listen to a local radio station or just have the windows open to listen to the outside sounds!


  1. Look at the excitement on her face! Painting is so much fun. I haven't done that with Nicole in years. But she has been doing it with her girls in girl scout camp and having a blast.

  2. So much creativity and exploration and idea generation going on here. I love it!!

    (I hit a making skid a few days into the ICAD challenge--there's a story there, maybe for another time--but I think it can be done on any schedule. Of course!!)

  3. sounds like you've got lots of ideas at the ready. Her smile is beautiful!!

  4. She looks so super happy! Love that smile!
    Lots of great art going on at your house.
    My son loves to rip cardboard to reveal the corrugated part in the middle and paint on that. When you mentioned that she wanted to glue on the ripped paper I thought of that. He has even glued the ripped off part back on to other parts of the cardboard. Great fun.
    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


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