Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blueberries & Peaches

Blueberries! Untitled Untitled Peach Crisp

Last Friday was rainy, damp, grey and chilly. A perfect day to do some baking!! Between early pregnancy yuckiness and the weather being too hot to turn the oven on, we haven't had very many (at all) baked goods. Ree was more then happy when I announced we'd be making muffins, scones & peach crisp.

She was a BIG help. Her job was measuring the blueberries out and then placing them in the batter. Notice how they are in one layer in the bowl. She spent about a half hour or so measuring and putting them neatly in there. Those are the muffins, she did the same for the blueberry scones!

After the muffins were ready to go in the oven she sat there to watch so she'd see when they popped up. She was SO excited to sit and eat the muffins that she made. I was so happy too hoping she'd eat them. She is a very picky eater! She took a big bite & I knew by the look on her face that she'd have something to say when she was done chewing. I was right "These muffins make my mouth blue & purple and I don't like the taste of blue & purple. Next time lets leave out the blueberries!"

I then started in on making the peach crisp I was bringing to supper before our beach date with family the next night. My goal is to start using some of those ideas that I pin on Pinterest. Peaches this year have been delicious and I wanted to do something with them so I went to Pinterest the other day & found this recipe and it came out delicious! I didn't have quite the amount of peaches it called for so I cut down on the butter and should have cut down on the topping too. But it still came out yummy!

Today would be another great day to bake, the weather is beautiful sun, hardly any humidity at all, blue skies....except I think we'll spend time outside instead of in the kitchen!


  1. Love the photos, you captured her excitement! My son was terribly picky and now I can say he eats almost all foods.

  2. I love the picture of Ree in front of the oven! I am bad at adding things to Pinterest lately.

  3. We had some wonderfully unseasonable cool temps this past weekend so I baked a lot too. Kind of weird for July, but I'll take it!


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