Tuesday, July 23, 2013


With the new baby coming my mind has been going in overtime making lists. The little one is due December 10th but a c-section will be scheduled for a week before that. Ree came a month early so I'm planning for anytime between mid-November to the first week in December.

With Ree's birthday the 4th of December and Christmas not far after that I feel the need to be organized! I made a list of who I need to get Christmas presents for & what I think I may want to get.

But the big list is all the things I want to make for baby! (And Ree too!)

First up is Ree's big girl quilt. She and I went through my fabric stash the other day and picked out fabrics. I need to start cutting and I think all I'll need to purchase is only a yard! My husband and I sat down and I told him what I wanted the quilt to look like, he did the math & drew it out so we also have a pattern! Now I need to just get going!

I then came across this simple quilt that Ginny's son made. I now what Ree to help me pick out some fat quarters to make her baby sister a quilt. MAYBE we can do that & get it done by Christmas?

And then there's the knitting.

Ree says baby girl needs a pink sweater and a yellow sweater. We have to go pick out some pink yarn & I think I'll make the Puerperium out of pink and The Five Hour Baby sweater out of yellow.

Ever since Easter I've wanted to make Ree a dark blue Sunday Sweater for Christmas. We'll see. Maybe I'll wait on that and make it for NEXT Christmas....matching sister sweaters?

And then there's the rainbow "blanket" that Ree keeps talking about every time she sees my boneyard shawl. So I think I'll make that up using this yarn:


There's other things on my list, like the socks I have in mind for a few family members; Christmas ornaments; etc. 

This isn't to mention the projects I'm already working on. Stay tuned for tomorrow's yarn along post for that! 


  1. I think you can do it all! How exiting to have projects lined up and fabric and yarn at the ready. Can't wait to see the fabric and of course all the cast on knitted projects!!

  2. You're going to be busy! Sounds like the nesting instinct has kicked in. ;)


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