Monday, July 15, 2013


This is how I feel after our weekend too!

We began weekending Friday night with a neighborhood walk. Walking & I aren't getting along at the moment. Being on my feet for any length of time makes the ligament pain in my stomach hurt. It was a short walk!

Saturday morning we met some friends at the playground at the zoo. Chasing Ree around has the same effect as walking!

Saturday afternoon was resting & mentally preparing for the heat to return. It ended with pizza night, another neighborhood walk...just for Ree & her Daddy this time. They came home all excited about the bunny they saw & the flowers they smelled & the dogs they ran into.

Sunday was a relaxing morning; then mattress shopping for Ree's soon to be big-girl-bed. We haven't bought one yet, the husband likes to research these things, but it will be soon. I'm thinking I REALLY should start working on her quilt. I have some fabric for it and a general design idea. Now I need to actually start cutting INTO the fabric!

After mattress shopping we headed up north to where the heat was worse for an outdoor bbq with family. A surprise for Ree was that her three favorite dogs were there & she got a surprise gift all the way from Hawaii! A gorgeous new dress. She fell asleep on the way home and didn't move from the car to the couch then from the couch to bed. A successful weekend!!

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  1. I remember shopping for a big boy bed :) we ended up with a toddler bed because he did not want a big boy bed. My daughter easily transitioned into a single, go figure!! Love the was she is scrunched up on the sofa.

  2. We recently moved C to a toddler bed. I was happy leaving her in the crib but hubby was ready. She does ok in it. It's harder to get her to bed because she has started the delaying tactics.


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