Monday, July 8, 2013



This weekend was:

We spent a lot of time after the 4th inside, upstairs where we have a window air-conditoner.
Ree playing me reading. And reading some more.
Food was grab whatever you can that's cool so I don't have to cook.
It was late day runs through the sprinkler so both Ree & the vegetables (and Momma) can cool off.
It was afternoon naps and late mornings.

It was low-key and relaxed. Just the way I like it! (Although just a tad cooler would have been nice!)

Finally joining Amanda again for Weekending posts!


  1. wonderful weekend, and the heat has been a killer. hopefully it cools down soon.

  2. It's hot days like these that make me love my ac :) Wishing you coolness! Love the action shot photo!

  3. Yes, I could use some cooler weather too, or else a sprinkler like sweet little Ree!

  4. we are fully committed to eating salads and anything that doesn't require me to turn on the oven - way too hot for that!

  5. oh my word the heat + humidity. salads all the way.

  6. sounds wonderful! We've been grilling a lot, but today is rainy... a chili in the crock pot kind of day round here!


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