Sunday, July 21, 2013



The weekend started Friday night with a trip to the beach for some relief from this heat. It wasn't much cooler there, just a little breezier. But Ree had fun playing on the playground & in the sand.

Saturday morning was still hot. We spent it low-key with Ree playing with her shapes. I had put these up a few months ago when my nephew came over then forgot about them. It was like a new toy when I pulled them out yesterday! She spent almost 2 hours playing with them! I worked a little more on the granny squares for her afghan.

The afternoon was spent with naps for everyone. A MASSIVE thunder storm moved in just as we were packing up to head north for a house warming party. It didn't bring too much relief from the heat. 

An evening at a house warming party where there were almost as many dogs as people. Ree was in her glory! She spent the time running after all of them and following her big cousin around. As it got dark two of the guys got out their guitars and started playing. Ree put on a dance/singing show for everyone. She's not very reserved this one!

Today dawned a little cooler & less humid then it has been thankfully! Along with the relief came some energy. We cleaned out the baby closet (sort of. We at least pulled everything out to see what we had). Baby girl (did I mention baby was a girl?) is not in need of anything! 

My knitting & sewing mojo has returned. I have lists of things to knit for both Ree & her baby sister. I've been spending lots of time looking at fabric on-line & in my stash for Ree's big girl quilt. 

This afternoon will be more list making, more fabric gazing, maybe a little knitting, maybe a little cutting out of fabric. 

Joining in with Amanda


  1. a baby girl! how exciting. <3

  2. Baby girl! Hooray! Looks like Ree had a blast! I wish I could show you my living room right now... it's COVERED with Kate's toys and games. She's been having such fun!

  3. glad your knitting and sewing mojo has returned! I bet feeling better has something to do with it. We did not get any storms while the temps dropped a bit! We were hoping for a tiny bit of rain...

  4. Yay!! Another girl? I'm so excited for you! I have been thinking of you with this heat. I hope you have been able to keep somewhat cool.

    Yeah - those thunderstorms didn't do much on Saturday. Today seems a bit better but now they are saying 90s for the rest of the week. I'm over it.....

  5. yay! another girl. i see your busy crocheting - is that for the baby?


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