Thursday, July 18, 2013

Around the garden

IMG_1113 Playing in the dirt IMG_1116 IMG_1117

These pictures are a few weeks old by now, but I wanted to share a little bit about what's going on in our gardens!

In my almost last post before taking the first trimester of this pregnancy off from blogging, I talked about how Ree & I had begun our seedlings. 

We got a HUGE pile of dirt delivered about a month ago & to my husband and Ree it was like Christmas! I've never seen two happier people! (It's kind of like when I go into a yarn store I suppose!)

They spent a few days digging and transferring and planting all the seedlings. (In case you are wondering, there is still a big pile of dirt in our driveway. We overestimated a little bit. The husband assures me he has places to put it. It's just been WAY too hot to be moving dirt around!)

Ree is SO PROUD of her morning glories! She and Daddy hung some crochet thread to give them a place to climb and then she ALL BY HERSELF (almost) planted the plants in the ground. These flowers were little seeds in a packet and she did almost the whole process by herself! 

In our vegetable garden this year we're growing: purple cauliflower; red bell peppers; black beauty eggplant; purple Italian eggplant; bronze beauty lettuce and carrots. My sister in law is growing lots of tomatoes so we decided that we'll do trades: tomatoes for peppers (we planted about 25 pepper plants!).

We once again got things in the ground a little late but I'm excited to see everything grow!


  1. Tell Ree that I just LOVE her Morning Glories! They are so beautiful. Your garden must be loving this miserable weather.

  2. Oh Morning Glories!!! So wonderful :) And what an awesome variety of veggies that you are growing, that's perfect!

  3. Love seeing your garden and Ree :) Beautiful sunny day when you took the photos :)

  4. I hope your peppers are doing well. Mine are not. Things are just growing slowly it seems.


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