Sunday, August 18, 2013


Baby Robin Tired after the Fair! Sunset

This weekend began Friday night with pizza & weeding the walkway & vegetable garden's. Just as we were getting ready to head inside we found a baby robin that was in the midst of fledging his nest. He ended up on our garage roof where he still was that evening at 11! 

Saturday morning the bird was gone so I hoped for the best. Ree & I spent the morning sewing some blocks for her quilt. When daddy got home from work we headed to the county Fair. Ree loved seeing all the farm animals, big tractors & the spinning wheels! She was tired out by the time we headed home! 

We ended the day by JUST catching the end of the beautiful sunset. Sunday morning was our usual with a stop at Home Depot. After we got home we headed outside to walk around & take some pictures (a flower & garden post coming this week!) Unfortunately we found the poor baby robin still on the roof but not in a good way. After lunch & Ree in for a rest I did the food shopping then dishes. A pretty laid back Sunday for the most part!

Joining Amanda


  1. pretty sunset!!!

    and oh my! she looks like such a big girl sleeping in her carseat.

  2. Ha! I think the fair has that effect on everyone! Glad you all had a good time. :)

  3. I'm so sorry about the baby robin, nature can be so harsh.
    But I am glad you were able to enjoy that sunset, it's just

  4. I adore the photo of ree all tuckered out. I bet you were tired as well. I'm hoping the robin is well on his own to being an adult bird.


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