Thursday, August 15, 2013

Making & Listening

Untitled The beginnings of the big girl quilt

We've been busy again this week making things!

I've been trying to de-clutter a little bit. Especially the table space in this house. Half of our dining room table is usually the dumping grounds for "stuff". Paper, junk, towels, toys, whatever anyone doesn't want to put away. Every so often I clean it off and LOVE the empty space. But it doesn't last long. 

I finally got the fabric needed for Ree's big girl quilt and decided I wanted to at least cut it out downstairs. I knew that I'd have to cut at least 226 pieces of that white fabric up there. It'd be easier to do it downstairs so Ree could also do her things without interruption. So I cleaned the table off & have been cutting all week. I have enough ready to make 26 (out of 56) squares. I may start sewing today or tomorrow just to mix things up a bit!

Ree has been busy collecting wild flowers outside. She puts them in little jars & lines them up on the counter. The other day she found the card board heart admist the mess I was cleaning & asked if she could have it. A little while later she asked for some glue. As the table was clean I gave it to her and went back to doing my things. When I turned around she was gluing her flowers to the heart. Yesterday she went out to pick more flowers & when I asked what she was going to do with them all, she replied "Add them to my collection so I can study them." A little botany project going on it seems! Thankfully daddy knows the names of almost all the flowers since she keeps asking!

For listening it's basically just been the sounds of late summer nature. I've asked a few times if she'd like me to put music on but she says no, she'd rather work in quiet. That works for me too!

Linking up with Dawn again this week. Go check out her post, she has a giveaway going on!


  1. I have told my mom often that they should have called it cutting and ironing instead of sewing :-) You and off to a great start!
    Her botany project sounds like fun.
    Nature sounds perfect to me too.
    Thanks for joining in this week.

  2. I'm looking forward to the time that we can do projects like that. She loves flowers and is constantly picking them. Even when she shouldn't!

  3. The owl and citrus fabrics you found are fabulous. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. I think cutting the fabric is the worst part. I am halfway through cutting fabric for a table runner and now that I have laid it aside for a while I will probably have to re-iron the remaining fabric before I cut.

  4. Hope you sewing goes well love the colours x


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