Thursday, August 22, 2013

Painting Rocks

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A few weeks ago on one of our weekly nightly excursions to the beach I remembered the post Amy wrote at the beginning of summer about summertime art ideas.  One of them was to paint rocks. Since Ree is ALWAYS asking to paint I thought it would be a good idea. So the three of us spent quite a bit of time looking for some good rocks. (Note to self: next time bring a pail). We all would pick some up & examine them to see if they would be good for painting on. Even Ree had her opinion on which would be good & which wouldn't. Although we did have to talk her out of picking the biggest rocks we saw. After all we were about a mile from the car & pail!

After collecting what I thought would be too many, we headed home. I then left the rocks in the trunk and forgot about them until the beginning of this week. One morning I took them out & had Ree rinse them in a bucket of water & place them on the deck to dry. She then, all on her own, decided to flip them over to dry on the other side too when the first side was dry.

I pulled Amy's rock painting post up to show Ree but I guess when you're told to paint rocks, you really don't need a point of reference. She said "Those are pretty. I know what to paint. Lets go." 

We spent quite some time outside painting. There aren't too many pictures because I joined in too. Although was only allowed two rocks to paint! She now has plans to paint the other side. Right now they are still outside as part of her fairy house. 

A very fun, very simple, very free art time that Ree loved & I loved too!!


  1. That was one of Nicole's favorite things to do. I can still picture her sitting on her little picnic table outside painting them. You should get her to paint some yarn for you with koolaide! Then let it sit in the sun for a few days. I'm not sure how patient she might be waiting to see the end result though.

  2. my kids loved to do this. And we collected many rocks where ever we went! I think we still have some in boxes in closets :)

  3. ha, absolutely right, Ree, you don't need an example. :-) It looks like she had fun! My favorite series of G's is the set of rocks inspired by Ladybug Girl characters--all her own idea, of course. We just need to supply the materials, right Jen?!


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