Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas knitting

Rainbow Boneyard Veronica's stocking IMG_2034

And with the finished shawl & stocking my Christmas knitting is done! And with plenty of time to spare too, thankfully.

In celebration I cast on for a pair of socks for me. They are bright! But I do like them. Although I cast on for the small rather then medium. They are a little tight but I think once baby gets here & the swelling in my feet goes down, they'll be okay.

Oh. I just remembered my Christmas knitting isn't done! I have still have one mini stocking to make up. But that shouldn't take but a half hour!

I haven't been doing much reading. I did start The Language of Flowers but I think I read it before. I haven't read much of it except the first chapter so far this time.

What are you reading & knitting?


  1. love the bright socks!! My mother made each of us a Christmas stocking then when I was married with children each of them one (different red). I love them so!!

  2. I love that sock yarn. It's so cheerful looking! I keep wanting to make stockings but it never seems to happen. One year I'll get to it!

  3. I had G's stocking knit before she was born (in October), figuring it wouldn't get done until at least her 2nd Christmas, if I didn't! I didn't put her name on it until after she was born, though. A little bit of superstition, I guess.

    Nothing like the last few weeks of pregnancy for Getting Things Done!!!

  4. I am so envious that you have all your Christmas knitting done. I have been knitting all year, but am still not nearly finished with what is on my list, of course I keep adding to it. :)
    Each of my children have a stocking crocheted by my mom and they are so treasured.

  5. Love the stocking! Glad you are ahead of the game with your Christmas knitting!


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