Thursday, November 14, 2013

On my Table

I've been keeping up with the November prompt of the day. I am loving the time I spend in the morning writing along with it in my journal. It's a good way for me to begin the day....with quiet, my cup of tea and putting pen to paper. I do want to share some of the prompts here, but the days just keep going by and before I know it another day is here!

Yesterday's prompt was On my Table

On my Table 
This is the scene on our table most days. Although usually a bit worse! It starts out as a blank slate, but as Ree gets going with her creativity for the day it fill up. Here she was in the middle of water color painting, using her colored pencils, and cutting out flowers. Many times admist her things are my own bits of creativity: my knitting, my notepads with lists, grocery ads, bill paying, etc.

As you can see one end of the table is usually the catch all. This drives me CRAZY. But no matter how many times I clean it off, within a day or two the pile is back. 

On my table

This is the scene at the end of the day. Supper waiting (the junk pile is still there...although I did clean it up a bit); a candle lit which I often forget. Thankfully Ree loves candles and reminds me most of the time to light one.

After supper it's cleaned off again ready for the next day's activities around it!


  1. there is a lot of living on your table. over here it's mainly my piles on the table :)

  2. I can't keep up with the piles on our dining table, either. Bigger table=more piles. :(
    And yes! on the candles. We stopped at the Purple Cow the other day to restock our candle supply. I've been lighting 3-4 at a time on the dining room table from sunset through bedtime. I really don't like this early, blanketing darkness!

  3. I love seeing the life going on around a table. My catch all is the side table by the back door [the door we use most], I clean it several times a day.
    Hope you are feeling well, it's getting close isn't it?

  4. my kids love this time of year because it means a return to eating by candlelight and they never let me forget!


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