Sunday, November 17, 2013


Full moon Full moon

This weekend has had ups & downs.

Saturday started out nice & relaxing. Then Ree decided to tantrum & a tired uncomfortable momma tantrumed right back. We both went to our separate corners for a little while. She's been sick almost all week and I think being in the house seeing no one but mommy & daddy started to get to her. 

Thankfully daddy got home from work to rescue both of us. He & Ree went out to do all kinds of errands. I went to the library alone where I was able to sit in quiet to finish my book. And pick up another one to start. Then I came home where we all stayed outside cleaning out the car so we can put the new baby seat in & hang up the Christmas lights (not to turn on yet, just so that's one less thing to do when baby gets here!)

After Ree went to bed (early), the husband and I watched a movie, I knit & had hot chocolate. 

Today has been much better! Church, coffee & home. Chili is in the crock pot, I've already knit a little bit. The rest of the afternoon will consist of wrapping a few Christmas presents, possibly making pumpkin bread, lots more knitting. The husband has been working on the yard clean up in between rain drops. Our weekly Sunday visit up north has ended until baby gets here. The thought of being over an hour from the hospital made my husband nervous. While I'll miss the weekly routine it will be nice to be home as a family all day long for a few weeks. 


  1. I think you both have reason to feel cranky. I'm glad today was better!!

  2. ahhh mama tantrums. LOL glad sunday was better and you got some alone time at the library.

  3. so glad your weekend continued to improved! It's not easy with a sick little one and you know getting to the library by yourself was probably very good for you!!

  4. They mentioned on TV that it would be a good weekend to get the lights up outside since the weather was going to be so nice. I'm glad your weekend ended on a high note1

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