Friday, November 1, 2013


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Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. Then Ree came along and it was fun to dress her up. This year she has been talking non-stop about it for weeks. She plays dress-up pretty much every day but I guess a day set aside just for dressing up is the high-light of a little one's life! It certainly isn't the candy for her. She doesn't like any of it! At least not to eat. She loves sorting & stacking & "shopping" with it. And she knows EXACTLY how many pieces of each kind she has. I found that out earlier when I snuck a piece to eat. She got a little testy at me that I messed up her piles!

She & Daddy went to about five houses Trick or Treating and then she decided she wanted to come home to pass out the candy. That was fun until scary people in costumes came to the door. I was afraid there would be some nightmares last night but thankfully no!

So another year of Halloween is over and she's already talking of what to be next year. I told her she doesn't have to wait until Halloween to dress up & that made her happy!

Hard to believe today is the first of November already! This weekend Ree wants to make count down charts to her birthday & the new baby's arrival. I think seeing the days quickly disappear that way may send me into anxiety fits!

Today is also the first day of daily prompts that Amanda has put together for us to follow along with. I like this idea because it gets me to think & get back into the journaling habit. I'm not sure how I'll share some of the words or photographs that I'm hoping to come up with each day, but I'm sure some of them will find their way here. 


  1. Oh the candy overload! We have tons--I think people were giving out double/triple the normal, because it was rainy and they didn't want to be stuck with it. I think we'll be sending some in to my husband's work. Nothing ever lasts on the break-room table for long. ;)

    I'm writing along with the prompts, too, although I have no idea how or where I might share some.

  2. I see lots of candy that I wouldn't mind eating :) I used to sneak a bar here and there from my kid's buckets-but don't tell them. Ree is a beautiful princess!


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