Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yarn Along

Christmas mini-stockings Hat for Veronica

I finished these at the end of last week. Some little stockings to hold gift cards this Christmas season, and a little hat that I was thinking baby would wear on her way home. But as small as it is I think it still might be too big!

I'm still at the point of making the heel on my purple socks. But I have been knitting like crazy on the Rainbow Boneyard shawl. That is because of the World Series games. I'm hoping tonight will be the last game of the series which would mean the Red Sox the whole thing at home tonight. The first time since 1918! 

Due to the very late night baseball games my reading hasn't been happening lately!


  1. Wow, that shawl is stunning! Have fun watching baseball... my husband is an ardent fan of all things baseball, and I enjoy it too but not as fervently as he does. If the Mariner's would ever do well, I would be watching many more games!

  2. I'm doing the same crazy late night ball games....Ortiz has been absolutely amazing (it's killing me!!!). I'll be thinking of you I'm wildly knitting away, too!

  3. my reading has been quite sluggish and I haven't a reason for it. Love the wee little stockings-adorable!!

  4. That hat is adorable! Love the color.

  5. What cute little stockings! I love the use you're making of them - and folks can stick them on the tree afterwards!

  6. I love those little stockings. The hat will fit her eventually. It looks adorable! How about that game last night?


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