Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time (On Friday)

Tea time

A few weeks ago I came upon the Brave Writer website through a bunch of mentions of it on Twitter. It is an awesome site on getting kids to write! (Most of it is still a little old still for Ree.)

But one thing that I saw and immediately decided to add to our routine is Poetry Tea Time. The day of the week that Julie has set aside is Tuesday, and she shares people's tea time's on her blog each Tuesday too! But we've never managed to hit it on a Tuesday so I kept putting it off.

Last Friday afternoon began the "yes to Ree weekend" and she wanted a tea party. Before I had a chance to put a table cloth on she had already set it with her tea set (also before I had mentioned we could use Mommy's tea set). I did put the candle out & she had picked out the treat of mini Oreos at the store earlier in the day so I put those out too.

She then picked out two books and I made the tea. We sat for a long time reading & just chatting. She enjoyed it so much she's already asking for next time...and I'm putting poetry books on hold at the library!


  1. You have started a fun tradition, tea and poetry are a perfect pair. I love this idea and wish I would have thought of it when my kids were small.

  2. we don't use brave writer but we do drink tea and read together, often poetry aloud. can't start too early!

  3. That is so sweet! The writing incentive is a great idea. It's so important for them to know how to write. My daughter never liked it and is not having fun with it in college. And you HAVE to take it no matter what your major is. Ree has a great head start.


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