Thursday, October 10, 2013

These days

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The days seem to be flying by all the sudden. My to-do list of things to do before baby keeps growing instead of shrinking. 3rd trimester exhaustion seems to have hit & isn't going away. I can do one out of the house thing a day. Then I can't seem to get anything done once we get home. 

I'm not complaining, just stating facts! I know my body is doing all the growing & nourishing of a sweet little baby and that is the most important thing right now!

I have been chasing the beautiful autumn light around the house. I love the light this time of year! 

Ree has been painting a little bit. Nothing specific. Although in the above picture she had just finished painting her pumpkin. Then wanted to mix colors to see what colors she could make. An easy project...I sat with her at the table knitting & kept squirting out more paint when she needed it. She was always thrilled when she made a different color.

She also has been making flowers as you can see. That's all her. She gets the supplies out, asks me to cut the petals & puts it all together herself. That's a sunflower & a daisy if you couldn't tell. Every so often she'll ask me to look up a picture of a certain flower on-line so she can draw/recreate it. Her imagination & creativity is always so fun to watch. I love listening to the way her mind works.

What have you been up to these past few days?


  1. I remember that exhaustion well! Hopefully your to do list isn't critical and it can all slide. I found the second pregnancy was exhausting because you couldn't rest when ever the mood stuck.

    Nothing new around here, we have a do nothing weekend that I'm kind of excited about :)

  2. Oh it is hard to get things done when you're growing a baby too! Find that couch and make good friends with it :)

  3. Oh, how great that she's referring to pictures of the flowers she wants to make!
    Yeah, 2nd pregnancies are exhausting. Hang in there!

  4. What a beautiful artist you have there ... enjoy every second!


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