Sunday, October 20, 2013


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This weekend was a "say yes to Ree" weekend. 

There was a tea party & nail painting session.

She wanted to ride her "motorcycle" (tricycle) on a real road. So we called up my dad who came with us to the local bike path. The kid rode her bike for 2 hours. And only once said her little legs were tired.

We decided next spring she'll graduate to a big kid bike. She's thrilled since she saw one that had pretty sparkly tassels. She "needs" those on her bike!

We were near the train station so we sat & watched the trains for awhile. She's now making plans for a train trip. (She wanted to do that yesterday too. We didn't say yes to that)

Then she wanted to go to Nana's so we spent the afternoon & evening there. Sewing & knitting & drawing. 

It was then home for bed. Ree fell asleep in the car. Then Momma & Daddy watched the Red Sox. Just when I thought it was all over....a GRAND SLAM!!!! Whoohoo for the World Series! I see some serious night time knitting in my future!

After Church this morning there was a trip to the mall (another say yes to Ree thing). Thankfully it wasn't very busy. We got a bit of Christmas shopping done. And Daddy decided Momma needed a Red Sox ALCS Champions t-shirt. We found one that would fit now & most likely not be too big once baby is born. 

This afternoon was naps; making apple crisp then heading off to my sister-in-laws for the evening. 

A full weekend but a very fun one! 

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  1. busy weekend! Two hours is such a long time to pedal, I'm impressed. I think it would be such fun to watch trains come and go-we don't live anywhere near a train station.

  2. G has outgrown her little pink bike with training wheels. If you want it for Ree, let me know. (I can send a quick pic later too if you want, so Ree can approve.) I'd love to pass it on where it'll get use.

  3. Two hours!?! Wow, I need her as a trainer! But the mall? No way. ;)
    Can you believe that grandslam, it was awesome!

  4. Sounds like you all had a fun weekend. Even this Yankee fan is happy to see the Red Sox make it to the World Series and will be cheering them onto victory!

  5. I wish Kate would ride her bike like that... sounds like a wonderful weekend. I'm bummed Detroit won't go on, but Yay! SOX!

  6. sometimes saying yes seems like such an effort and yet, it is so easy and fulfilling!


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