Friday, October 18, 2013


IMG_1862 IMG_1854 Afternoon light 
Rainbow Boneyard progress

It has been beautiful weather here this week. Ree & I have found ourselves outside for some of it & loving it.

We decorated the front tree for Halloween (in the second picture she is showing Daddy that she isn't tall enough yet.) 

She loves to find the most beautiful leaves to bring in the house. Today she wants to paint so I think we'll try this that Amy posted about the other day. 

There hasn't been much in the way of art or anything else except free play & knitting. But that's good too. I do know she wants to paint & take a trip to the playground & have a tea party. This weekend we have no set plans so I'm planning on it being a "say yes to Ree" weekend. I may be very tired come Monday but we'll have a happy little girl!


  1. a pumpkin tree!!! how cute!!! (not quite as cute as that little one, though!!! She's growing so fast...getting ready to be a big sister???)

  2. Your trees have a tad more on them than mine, I love Ree's puffy vest-she is quite trendy. As for your knitting it is gorgeous!!!!

  3. I love the idea of a "yes to Ree" weekend. Enjoy every second of it!


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