Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In the garden

IMG_1789 IMG_1791

Our garden is still going strong. With some things anyways!

This weekend Ree & her daddy headed out to check on things. They came back in with a handful of carrots & all excited that there are a lot more out there! 

They also reported to me that the cauliflower didn't take off at all. We have "at least 100 eggplants Momma!" as her daddy told me there are probably 15 out there. Only two little peppers which I am pretty bummed about. I love peppers! 

All in all I'm happy with what we've gotten/will get. Once we planted the seeds the morning sickness took over & I really wasn't into the garden this year. But thankfully the eggplant is delicious and we will have plenty of that for me to fix & freeze for this coming winter!


  1. Your garden did very well considering the circumstances. I bet those will be the best tasting carrots ever! Ree looks so darn proud.

  2. but carrots! carrots are the best and so cheerful in color - i'd say it was a good haul :)

  3. Our bell peppers didn't do well but the banana ones did. I don't like banana peppers but Mr does so someone is happy. Love the photo of Ree with the carrot!!

  4. It's a wonderful harvest Jen. Nothing taste better than something you've grown and tended yourself.


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