Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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This weekend my sister held a small shower for the new baby. The cake, decorations & favors were all owl themed! So cute!

My lists are getting longer as the weeks till baby are getting shorter. But I am slowly crossing a few things off!

In all the flurry of baby preparations, Ree isn't letting me forget that Halloween is this week! We've done a few crafty things; picked out her costume; found a pumpkin to carve (after going all over the city we FINALLY found one!); she picked out the design she wanted on it and Daddy carved!

Her birthday presents are all bought & waiting (with baby due right around that time I wanted to make sure Ree's birthday wouldn't be lost in the shuffle!) Christmas lists are all made & many gifts have been purchased. I am shocked at myself & know that this time next year I will most likely just barely be starting to think about Christmas!

All the Christmas knitting is so very close to being finished. Baby knitting is finished, except for the few things I want to make. But all the MUST make things are done.

Next up: make a few meals to pop in the freeze for us to pull out when baby comes. We harvested all the eggplants from the garden this weekend so that's on my list now to do before they go bad. 

Today we're having an impromptu Halloween party with my sister & her little's. We'll make cookies & have a tea party. 

The days & weeks are full and as we get closer to delivery day I am even more anxious to meet this new little girl. But I'm also trying to remain present in these days. To savor the last few moments of it being just Ree & I. I cannot wait to see her interact with her baby sister but at the same time it's a little bittersweet that our days of my undivided attention being with Ree are quickly closing. The family dynamics are about to change & I cannot wait to meet this new little person who already has had such a big impact on us!


  1. I LOVE the owl theme!! I remember the year I had Nicole - I was the most prepared for Christmas that I ever had been! I knew I would only have so much time with a new baby so I got it all done way ahead of time. Enjoy these next few weeks with Ree. I'm getting so excited for all of you!

  2. Cute owl puffs!! I love owls and wish I could have an owl theme ;) I need to get better prepared for the holidays.

  3. <3 that you got a shower for the second baby. (I barely got one for my first--sigh, nobody wanted to host one, can you believe?) It's true, an impending baby makes you get everything done ahead of time! The year I was due with G in October I was ahead of the game on everything.

    Ree is looking like such a big girl! It'll be nice to have sisters in the family. :)


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