Saturday, February 4, 2012


On Thursday Ree & I made this simple "candle holder" to celebrate Candlemas. I had pinned one on Pintrest around the time of St. Lucy's Feast in December but hadn't used the idea. It works for Candlemas too! We already had small scraps of tissue paper left from our snowman so we used those too. Ree LOVED "painting" the glue on the old jam jar. Before I told her what the tissue paper was for she figured it out herself. She placed almost all of it all by herself! I had a heart garland on the other end of the table waiting to be hung up but she spotted it & wanted to add hearts to her jar. So we did!

I love watching her work. She gets so engrossed in what she's doing. It's very serious work for her! Then she gets so proud when Daddy comes home pointing out "what Ree made!".

Once it got dark I lit a few other candles around the house. I did put a tealight in the jam jar but the tealight wasn't strong enough to show through the tissue. I need to find a small votive for that. 

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