Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Watercolor painting

After commenting on Amy's post at Salamander Dreams we had a discussion about watercolor's. I'd never tried it before and didn't think I ever would because I can't draw or paint or anything like that. She encouraged me to try it saying it was fun & easy.

 We took a family trip to Michaels Friday night and picked out paints, brushes and paper. But then it was a busy weekend and I didn't want to rush our creativity. Last night we had a surprise that the husband got home from work earlier then planned, we had supper & cleaned up in time to take out the supplies. We had a fun family watercolor session.

 Ree & Daddy painted this one. I think it came out beautiful! She had so much fun and sat at the table for a good 45 minutes. She kept saying "Ree having fun!"

 This one is mine. I'm not finished yet. I'd like to doodle around the various shapes like this pin on pinterest (again an idea from Amy). I'll update when I add more to it.

I also have other ideas of ways to paint. I'm encouraged by Ree's excitement too. I think we'll be doing this often! 


  1. Jen, you totally made my day when you told me you'd gone to buy watercolors. I can't stand the idea that anyone would want to try something creative but feel it's not for them, for whatever reason. I think your painting is fantastic and you had fun playing with the materials, which is the best! It can be hard, as moms, to carve out our own time to play like that, so finding a way to do it alongside my kids was amazing and did wonderful things for all of us~so I'm glad Ree enjoyed it too! Wishing you many more happy art sessions together!

  2. Such happy colors! It feels great to be creative.

  3. I love the idea of adding doodles. I don't what it is about winter, but it makes me want to paint, paint, paint.

  4. Watercolor is my thing. I lurve it! All of the paintings look so lovely and there is nothing better than kids and adults enjoying art. Have you seen Discount School Supply's liquid watercolors yet? Heavenly.
    xo, Ang (peach coglo)


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