Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day late yarn along

This week certainly hasn't gone the way I'd planned! Coming down with a head cold on Monday certainly put a damper on our Valentine's plans! We didn't get a chance to have out little family Valentine's dinner Monday night. Instead my husband & Ree went out to do some shopping while I stayed home and rested.
On Valentine's we did get to have a fun get together at my parents with my sister & her family.

 As for knitting....I did manage to finish up these two projects since last week. The hat was given to my sister for Valentine's. The mittens are Ree's....I made the 1st one last December (2010) but it was too big. It fits great this year so I made up the second the other day. She likes to wear them on her feet rather then her hands though.

 And this is our new house "guest". He got in the house on Monday and yesterday decided to make his way up to our living quarters. There he's sitting in out living room window. Thankfully he made his way back to the basement where he still is. My husband blocked all points of entrance to up here so he's staying down there now.

Life is never dull....a fun holiday; head cold; and squirrel in the house. All in one week!!!


  1. A squirrel in the house!? wow! The mittens and hat are great! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh I do hope he finds his way out! Lovely hat and mitts :)

  3. aw, what a cutie! My aunt used to keep squirrels as pets. Not sure how that worked out for her!

    Loving the yarn along projects. The hat is gorgeous!


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