Monday, February 20, 2012

Joy Daring

Some recent 1000 gifts:

97. Towels still warm from the dryer
101. Impromptu trip to the craft store for watercolor supplies
108. A little girl asking for her nap
116. Ree's joy on Daddy's birthday
123. Daddy daughter movie night while I clean uninterrupted
125. Valentine themed birthday parties
131. Daddy daughter Valentine shopping....and the cute gifts that she picked out all on her own
136. A mom who takes care of both her granddaughter...and me too
138. Toddler messes....but it means she's been playing and using her imagination
143. A delicious supper....made by my husband
147. Morning notes
150. Sunlight through the windows

I am very much enjoying the counting of my 1000 gifts in 2012!


  1. Oh yes, parents who are also involved grandparents--such a gift.

  2. I am loving the 1000 gifts myself. I use the app on my phone to track it and post them on twitter. It sparks some good conversations!


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