Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yarn Along Wednesday

I finished my Boneyard shawl that I've been working on for the past few yarn alongs...even blocked it! But I am so proud of it that I'm going to dedicate a post all to that so check back tomorrow!

In last week's yarn along Rosina at Rosy Posey posted a little sock she was knitting and that decided what I'd cast on when I finished my shawl. Ree has been asking for socks from momma since I made mine last month. 

It's using the most basic kids sock pattern and I don't like knitting it on the 5 needles. Too fiddly for me with such a small amount of cast on stitches. I may try and do the math to figure out how to use 4 for the second sock.

Not a lot of Momma reading has been going on lately. I started The Widowers Tale last week but find it slow moving & I have to pay close attention in order to follow it. I do have a whole stack of books here from the library that I could choose another one but I keep thinking this one will pick up!

Extra Yarn was at the library the other day and I've been seeing so much about this lately that I took it out. It's beautiful! I'm going to order it for our library here at home!

I can't wait to see what everyone else is reading and knitting this week at Ginny's!


  1. I love fiddly needles :) Looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow!

  2. Will you share a picture of your shawl?
    If you already have, sorry...I'm new here.

  3. I borrowed, _Extra Yarn_, from the library last week and read it to my littlest--what a beautiful story! I loved how it turned out that the little boy was jealous and really *did* want a sweater. I loved how the girl made a hat for the guy who doesn't wear sweaters. I loved how in the end, the King was wrong, and she *was* happy. Most of all I loved the pictures.

    I'll be back tomorrow to see your shawl :-)

  4. We actually have "Extra Yarn" waiting for us at the library today! I'm so looking forward to actually reading it, having heard so much about it online.

  5. Can't wait to see the shawl tomorrow. I don't knit my socks on 5 needles either. I usually do magic loop, or 4 dpn's.

  6. love the sock! Can't wait to see your finished shawl... I'll be back tomorrow!

  7. Yeah for the sock. Is that a self-striping yarn or are you making stripes with it?


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