Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Right now I'm enjoying:

~The early morning light
~My first cup of coffee of the day
~A head almost all clear of allergies!
~That I have a menu plan for the rest of the week!

Yesterday's rain pretty much cleared up whatever was floating around in the air that was making Ree & I so miserable. Last night we went for a short chilly walk after supper. This was the first time we've walked around our new neighborhood. It's so pretty! There are so many pink dogwood trees around. But of course I forgot my camera. I'm sure there will be many more walks though!


  1. Glad your allergies are better, I think we need a lot more rain here so I can feel better too!

  2. So glad you can breathe!! Love the last photo! Thanks for reminding me to write my menu for the week...

  3. Keep feeling better. Enjoy those dogwoods!


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