Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yarn Along

This isn't much of a yarn along post. I don't really have anything on the needles because I have a long list of what I want to knit but can't decide which to start first.

Yesterday afternoon I thought I had solved that by printing off Karen's pattern for her cinderblock cowl. I went and stashed dived and found some yarn that will be good for it. Then realized I didn't have any size 8 circular needles long enough. So I cast on with 7's but the yarn is just too heavy for them and it's not making the knitting easy.

So I left it on the living floor to go do a few things. When I turned around awhile later I saw this: 
I asked what are you doing? She said "Knitting like Momma". She calls it a bracelet since it's in the round. She sat like that for quite some time. Many times she'll sit in my lap while I'm knitting and hold the needles with me. I'm wondering how old she'll be before she's knitting on her own!

I eventually took it off the needles and rewound the ball so now I'm back where I was yesterday: with nothing cast on needles and too many projects to choose from! 

I didn't even have a book going until late last night when I started reading The Wedding Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini. Even that's not very good. Kind of slow. I guess I'm just having a "I want to read and knit but don't know what" kind of day!!

I'm still joining with Ginny at her Yarn Along. Just not sure if I'll have anything to add next week!! :-) 


  1. That is adorable! I wonder when my boys will be knitting too.
    I hoep you find a good book soon. I just finished one and loved it, if you haven't read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society I HIGHLY recommend it.

  2. My kids love to do the same thing! And as far as knitting and reading go, my lack of inspiration is what keeps me coming back to the yarn along. Over the past several months I have found a lot of really great books to read. Although most of the knitting seems to be at an entirely different level then where I am at...hope you find something good to read! I recently started going through Jane Austen again, if you like that kind of book. Mansfield Park is great. I am also your newest follower! I hope you will follow me back!

  3. She is so adorable!!! I think you might have a future knitter there :) You could go for a shorter circular needle....or just go to a lys and "shop".....I know then you'll be buying some more yarn, right???

  4. She's so cute! When I get like that with knitting, I browse ravelry ;)

  5. That is just so sweet!
    I knit Karen's cowl and just changed the needles to what I had on hand. It's a great pattern.
    Have a happy yarn along day.

  6. Sometimes I feel the same way!I think Rachel is right--browse Ravelry search. I think if you have size 9's or 10's O say give it go. A cowl can nver be be too big, right?

  7. Oh, I've had many times like that.

    I'm very surprised about the book. Her books are normally much better.

  8. I have days like that too. Hopefully you'll find inspiration or the right size needles before next week xxx

  9. What a cutie! Great knitting, Little One! Not that mama got much done that way, but she's adorable!

  10. I really know what you mean about the book. The book of hers that I'm reading is slow and too much narrative. Reading the reviews, people love her books, so I will see it to the end.

    Hope you can settle on a knitting project soon. So many choices....

  11. Well she had a project for Yarn Along....too cute picture...did you finish Mockinjay, what did you think? I completed my second read of The Hunger Games tonight..going to see the movie again next week.

  12. How frustrating! Hopefully a snoop around the yarn along players will help you uncover the right project and a good book? I know that since playing along with Ginny's meme, more projects have been added to my Ravelry favourites and I've added more books to my library list. :)


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