Sunday, April 22, 2012


Weekending with Amanda

Despite both Ree & I feeling under the weather with bad allergies we've still managed to have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday the weather was nice enough to:

....have a picnic
....spend time at the playground with Daddy the birds
....knit outside
....go shopping to buy toddler tools so she can help with the yard work

Sunday morning started with a phone call wondering if we'd be at the birthday party. The invitation got lost in the mail. So we

....went to Church
....rushed to buy a present
....spent a fun time with family at the birthday party
....came home to cuddle on the couch
....spent time watching the rain (finally) fall

The activities we had planned for Earth Day will carry over until tomorrow!


  1. As one allergy suffer to another, I'm sorry! :)
    I love your stone fence, we don't have large stones here, everything is done with oyster shells which just isn't the same.
    Rain has postponed our Earth Day plans too, but boy did we need some rain.

  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend to me! I love your rain photos... sorry about your allergies. I am suffering too!

  3. I hope the rain helps with the seasonal allergies! It should. Lovely weekend and happy Earth day!!

  4. sorry to hear about allergies! the best thing we've found is bee can usually find it at a local health food store.

  5. I love that last photo... something about the wet and the pink! I'm glad the rain helped your allergies.

    By the way... nice to meet you. :) I came over from weekending.



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